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mobioffers.affiliates Affiliate Program (“Service”) Terms & Conditions

1. Traffic Limitations

When distributing affiliate links and promoting offers published in the confines of the Service, affiliates are prohibited from:

1.1. Incentivizing end-users to accept offers (i.e. installing a mobile app), with the exception of offers with conditions specifically allowing incentivized traffic. Incentivized traffic includes:

- Distributing affiliate links while incentivizing users to install apps (or meet other offer conditions) by compensating users (providing virtual points or virtual currency from a third party service, offering real currency, granting access to restricted services, etc.) for installing apps (or meeting other offer conditions)

- Distributing affiliate links while indirectly incentivizing users to install apps (or meet other offer conditions) by exploiting the user’s obligations before the affiliate (the party distributing the links), acquaintanceship with the affiliate, or other indirect factors affecting the user’s decision; likewise, it is prohibited to distribute links to friends, acquaintances, colleagues, employees, and any other parties that would perform actions to meet offer requirements not out of personal interest towards the offer but out of an obligation or desire to do as instructed by the affiliate due to personal ties;

- The affiliate party itself installing the app (excluding one-time installations intended for offer testing and research)

1.2. Misleading end-users in any way, including altering or warping the perception of offer advertising materials and the information therein

1.3. Using spam in any form (e-mail, instant messaging, texting, social networks, etc.);

1.4. Attracting traffic to the offers by means prohibited by active legislation in the Russian Federation or considered socially harmful (i.e. traffic from sites about drugs and psychotropic substances leading to suicide, or sites containing prohibited content such as illegal pornography, etc.);

1.5. Using prohibited phrases and terms (and their derivatives), such as “child”, “underage”, “zoophilia”, etc.;

1.6. Using traffic acquired by means of malicious software (Trojans, output substitution, console browsing, etc.);

1.7. Using traffic acquired by hacking websites or altering website content/components without the owner’s consent;

1.8. Promoting an offer while using trademarks unrelated to the offer or its contents;

1.9. Distributing affiliate links or promoting offers via e-mail, instant messaging software (Skype, ICQ, etc.) or other personal messaging solutions (social network or forum personal messages, etc.);

1.10. Distributing affiliate links and promoting offers by means of traffic sources (websites, social network pages, etc.) that regularly distribute (free or paid) prizes, bonuses, privileges, tangible assets (including virtual assets), or access to third party service accounts (i.e. App Store or Google Play);

1.11. Promoting offers by means clearly prohibited on the offer’s description page

2. Other Prohibited Activities

2.1. Registering multiple accounts without first acquiring consent from the administration of the Service;

2.2. Spamming referral links to our affiliate program;

2.3. Cheating the system and any other types of fraud, as well as any scams or attempts to mislead the administration of the Service or its affiliates;

2.4. Any insults or disrespect towards the Service, its administration or affiliates;

2.5. Any attempts at slandering or deceiving the Service, its administration or affiliates;

2.6. Any actions aimed at subverting standard Service functionality or abasing the reputation of the Service, its administration or affiliates.

3. The following is a list of specifics related to separate sources of traffic, specifically social networks and websites on free hosting services:

3.1. Traffic from social networks is only allowed:

- from posts, placed in the community, publics, groups of more than 5,000 subscribers;

- from paid advertisements (such as targeted advertising on;

Distributing and promoting affiliate links and offers through private messages, users pages ("wall"), comments to users’ photos, etc. is prohibited. It is also forbidden to use communities (publics, groups) in the social networks with less than 5000 subscribers as traffic sources. Traffic from closed communities/publics in social networks (access to the content of which is carried out only after approval by the owner of the community) is subject to mandatory prior approval through tickets with the Administration;

3.2. Social network groups (p.3.1.) used to distribute affiliate links must be registered ahead of time (before traffic launch) on the traffic source registration page.

3.3. Traffic from sources in any way related to giveaways (e.g. shared online service accounts) is prohibited (p.1.10).

3.4. Traffic from sites hosted on free hosting websites (eg,,, etc.) is prohibited;

3.5. Registration of sources other than the listed above in Sec. 3.2. is not mandatory.

4. Traffic Source Verification

4.1. The Service does not enforce mandatory preliminary (before traffic launch) traffic source confirmation. These terms fully depict any and all restrictions and prohibitions regarding traffic sources. Any affiliates unsure about how any given sources of traffic relate to these terms are advised to contact Service support to confirm that a traffic source is allowed by Service rules. However, preliminary confirmation does not negate the effectiveness of points 4.2 and further of these terms.

4.2. In the event that the administration of the Service cannot fully discern traffic sources or the affiliate link distribution model used, the affiliate will receive an e-mail (to the address specified during registration with the Service) requesting additional information about the traffic sources in question. The request for additional traffic source information is performed before any payouts are released to the affiliate.

4.3. Should the affiliate fail to provide necessary information or provide incomplete information (as perceived by the administration of the Service) in reply to a traffic source information request, the affiliate’s payouts may be put on hold until the affiliate provides the information requested by the administration, or until the quality of the traffic provided by the affiliate/advertiser (the party acting as the Service’s client and having ordered offer promotion services from the Service) is confirmed.

4.4. To simplify and speed up the traffic verification procedure, we recommend that affiliates promoting offers on their websites insert statistics accumulation code into all their web pages, allowing for guest access and tracking traffic sources to the website and its various pages (i.e. Google analytics).

5. Payments

5.1. The minimum amount on the balance which can be withdrawn from the system is 900 rubles.

5.2. Payment generation - transferring of the available profit to the status of "payable", preceding the transfer of the funds to the money wallet.

Time frames for payments generation: Generation of payments for the amounts higher than 3000 rubles is conducted on a weekly basis at midnight on Thursdays. Payment generation for the amounts from 900 to 2999 rubles in conducted once every two weeks (every even week, count-off starts from the beginning of the year) at midnight on Thursday.

Payment days - days in which the processing of generated payments is made (the generated payment is transferred to the partner’s money wallet). Payment days are every Friday and the following Monday and Tuesday (three equivalent payment days, on one of which the payment is transferred).

5.3. At the initiative of the administration the payments can be made ahead of time without being prompted by a partner and without a prior warning, that is before the stated in Sec. 5.2. payment days, for example, on Thursday.

5.4. In some cases when the Administration does not fully understand the logic behind offers promotion (see. § 4.3.), the payment of such partner can be held back until the partner submits all the requested information, or until the administration of the service receives a confirmation of traffic quality from advertisers.

5.5. In the event that the administration of the Service cannot fully discern the affiliate link distribution model used by the affiliate (see p.4.3), payouts to the affiliate can be carried over to a later date and put on hold until the affiliate provides the information requested by the administration, or until the quality of the traffic provided by the advertiser is confirmed.

6. Installation Volume Confirmation

6.1. Traffic of over 1,000 installations per 24 hours per one offer (unless otherwise stated on the offer page) must be pre-approved with the administration of the Service.

7. Terms & Conditions Violation Sanctions

7.1. In the event that an affiliate is found violating the terms and conditions stated herein, the administration of the Service reserves the right to apply sanctions, varying in severity as far as completely blocking the affiliate’s account and withholding any pending payouts.

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